2007 Community Foundation Award Winning Music, Arts and Craft Community Group.
2 x Outstanding Achievement in the Community Awards from Millennium Volunteers.


Geared towards the emerging artist, Performing Room Music Projects welcome children, young people and adults of all ages and abilities who wish to enjoy an individual or group 'music making experience', gain confidence and push performing skills further forward… 

All projects are pitched according to overall ability from beginners to the more advanced and are set against both musical and non musical outcomes of your choice. It aims to first make this opportunity available to those who do not have access to the support and equipment provided.

Delivery methods are flexible and allow for change to meet the social and educational needs of each individual or group. Each project is delivered by performers and producers in the Community and Community Musicians/Music Leaders/Youth Workers. 

Project outcomes are documented through individual and group portfolio building exercises involving audio visual media, observation, discussion, walk & talk, witness testimony, product evidence and written explanation.

The projects comprise of five main areas of activity:


The music for beginners project exists as an exciting opportunity for children, young people and adults to experiment, explore and play a wide variety of music instruments often for the first time. The day ends with all participants enjoying an individual or group 'music making experience'. 


The day exists as an exciting first time opportunity for business organizations to experiment, explore and enjoy an individual or group 'music making experience' with an emphasis upon 'team building' skills


1. Vinyl, digital and Cd DJing
2. Drums (acoustic and electric)
3. Guitar (acoustic, electric, bass) 
4. Keyboard.
5. Recording and Mixing.
6. Songwriting, Singing/Rapping/MCing
7. Music Technology/Production.
8. Others available upon request.


We invite groups and individuals to write lyrics and create music centered upon a theme of their choice.


We equip groups and individuals with IT and digital media skills seen as a prerequisite for modern day working and learning environments using cloud computing and social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Mixcloud, Soundcloud.


Young Project beneficiaries planning a music video shoot at this evenings Performing Room project for young people that aims to spread awareness of food poverty and homelessness in Northampton Town Centre

"People say home is wear the heart is my heart is definitely home when I'm here...finding performing room is one if not the best things that has happened to me you don't know what family is until u find this place I'm telling you I've been going to performing room for well over a year now and the love they give is beyond words no1 is judged pushed away or not an equal one thing studio shouts is ... We are all talented here with smiles laughs and some great music #bigshoutstoPR" - Libby Law

"Fantastic most welcoming and frienlest, charitable people in the world that u get to rock, sing and have fun with." - Shannon Hall

"They are the most friendly n helpful group who care for the group that go to the performing rooms. Well done to you all n the leaders too.x" - Heidi Pearson

"Great place to build confidence & reduce stress calm the mind through singing, talking to others or trying yoga" - Emily Isabel Rooken-Smith

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