PR Coworking is a new social enterprise established in January 2017 with a vision that aims to bring local people and creative industries closer together.

PR Coworking is unique in that it has drawn from 17 years of experience of community music workshop delivery and community studio management to transform what was once a trade union office and derelict community centre in the historic heart of Northampton's famous Boot and Shoe Quarter into a uniquely interactive modern day multimedia learning environment that is absolutely ideal for coworking.



Smart TV/projector

Surround sound speaker system

PR Membership - free access to all PR events


PR Coworking packages include:

No minimum term contract

Ideal location close to town centre

Individual room hire

Soundproof music studio hire

High speed internet





Here at Performing Room we understand how important it is for us to adapt and develop to fit your needs in the same way it is essential for businesses to keep up with the every day demands of changing work environments. In this fast paced, ever-changing world PR Coworking offers access to a peaceful place that provides flexible working conditions and creative solutions to suit all needs.

Each room is purposefully designed and thoughtfully created with performance and comfort in mind to stimulate innovation, ensuring all coworkers enjoy a productive and memorable coworking experience.


As an award winning and forward thinking community based organisation, we listen to our service users and constantly endeavour to improve overall performance and well being. Many who search for their ideal working environment rarely come close, but here at Performing Room we believe we are on a unique path to provide the ideal solution to this. Please do not hesitate to leave us any feedback you may have by following the contact button below.

Furthermore, as PR Coworking works alongside its charity arm, each time you use the facilities you are giving back to the local community and supporting Performing Room Projects.